I got stuff to announce.

Andy McMahon

Andy McMahon 81267010_10157605041614277_7054651253044805632_n

In addition to serving as an Executive Pastor, Andy also moonlights (by moonlights we mean his full time non-ministry job) at the Center for Disease Control protecting us from Ebola and nuclear fallout. Kinda like Batman, but against the flu and parents that don’t get vaccinations for measles. As if the schedule wasn’t full enough […]

Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen 78582658_10158237406395864_8532225981186834432_n

Joel leads a church named Lakewood doing beautiful things in the Houston area and beyond. Don’t knock it till you hang out with his digital guy, Justin. And then you won’t want to knock it anymore, because it’s amazing. Also, frequent subject of Babylon Bee satire.

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My bubble announcement.

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