I got stuff to announce.

Marlon Philip

Marlon Philip 80356738_10218299598215942_985661317593432064_o

He’s got a voice that makes you do that *stank face* when you hear it. Also, you can hear his runs during Worship when he isn’t anywhere near a microphone. Occasionally travels to Russia for “work,” but I’m convinced he’s a cross between Luke Cage and black Jack Ryan.

Adrianne Wilson

Adrianne Wilson IMG_3293

Adrianne is a gem of a gal. We really don’t have a job description for her because she basically does everything so it would get really long really quickly. The stuff most people get to see though are the church’s social channels err’day and the presence driven worship on Sundays.


Kanye 75619100_10158165882800864_1793230059616600064_o

Former heathen transformed by the Gospel. Runs Sunday Service (not ours, but the Gospel show he does). Has super cute kids with ‘out there’ names. Kinda makes me wish my last name was a direction so I could name next son ‘Go.’

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